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International Yacht Sales The Engine House, Royal Clarence Marina, Weevil Lane, Gosport, Hampshire. PO12 1AX. UK

About Hector Quintana

“We make the impossible a reality for our clients, each and every
day.” -- Hector G. Quintana

As CEO of Zen Global, this has been my corporate mantra and daily affirmation. Zen Global is an international real estate investment and consulting firm, which I established and lead, as a 35-year veteran of the global real estate industry, a hands-on asset management specialist, and a committed proponent for active social contribution.

I intend to bring the same intensity and effort to the Boatshed Team. Propelled by the synergy of a client base heavily exposed to coastal real estate and who represent a ready market of existing and future boat/yacht owners, I am committed to making a contribution to the legacy already established by Boatshed. Additionally, as a former Carver 52' owner, I have the experience to understand the boating industry and the savvy to recognize that passion drives boat/yacht ownership to a much higher degree than logic.

I make a promise to be driven by the simple recognition that everyone merits quality and diligent service, delivered in a truly professional manner, when considering the sale or purchase of a boat/yacht. With a firm plan to capitalize on exposure to a global market, via the myriad of real estate ventures, I have positioned himself in the more flexible role as a Modular Team member at Boatshed. I am looking forward to serving both my existing client base and vibrant, new clients for many years to come, through the Boatshed brand. I am also looking forward to establishing new friendships and lasting business relationships, with my fellow Boatshed family colleagues.

When I was given the opportunity and made the decision to join the Boatshed team, I did so because I saw a heavy emphasis on promoting a personalized, but hi-tech marketing component, which I felt had been largely absent from the broader industry marketplace. The use of VR imaging, for example, to place the client in the boat/yacht, from afar, is revolutionary marketing for the industry. Boatshed has led the way.

Boatshed's commitment to flexibility and innovation also captured my attention. From its listing contract model, to its aggressive pursuit of global growth, via allowing Boatshed agents diverse options in structuring their corporate affiliations, Boatshed has shown keen leadership in recognizing that the only constant is change. Business success is often predicated on meeting those challenges that come with change and creating proactive solutions. Boatshed has shown me a recognition, willingness and capacity to innovate and grow, in order to exceed client expectations.

"I am truly honored to have been welcomed aboard the Boatshed Team, a leader in quality service, technology and innovation, within the boating/yachting community." -- Hector G. Quintana